Welcome to the online Information Security training

This online training for staff, aims to make you think about Information Security at Lancaster and how you (and your team) manage the information you use.

Information Security wordleIn this training we refer to information as electronic and paper based. Information security often focuses on keeping electronic information safe, but it is important to remember that some information is still on paper and this needs to be appropriately secured too.

Hopefully, after you have been through this training, you will be able to identify areas where you and your team could improve information security.

It is recommended you set time aside to complete this training. On average, it is taking staff an hour to complete.  If you need to return you can bookmark/add to favorites the page you are currently reading.

There is a short multiple choice assessment at the end of the training. To pass this assessment you will need to achieve 80% or more. Successful completion of this test is recorded on your staff development record on the HR system and acts as evidence of you having completed the course. If you do not pass first time, you can take the assessment as many times as you like (although the questions will be different as they are pulled from a question bank).

This online training will look at:

  1. Keeping Information Secure
  2. Legislation
  3. Data Protection Act
  4. DPA Exemptions and the Data Sharing Protocol
  5. Freedom of Information
  6. Computer Misuse Act
  7. Information Classifications
  8. Improving information security
  9. Passwords
  10. Passwords and Account Sharing
  11. Going online
  12. Email and Policy
  13. Encryption
  14. Cloud Computing
  15. Social Networking
  16. Records Management
  17. Disposal
  18. Working with information
  19. Security Breaches
  20. Summary and assessment


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