Upgrade to Filestores

‌We're replacing the infrastructure that manages our Personal, Departmental and Research filestores.

In progress:
Replacement of the SILO research filestore with a new facility called LUNA. 

Transfer of data from SILO storage to LUNA storage

We’re transferring data from the existing SILO storage facility to a new LUNA storage facility.

 The new LUNA storage will:

  • Have more capacity and sufficient growth capacity for our 5 year predictions.
  • Be higher performance than the existing SILO storage.


Schedule for transfer of data

Faculty/Department Transfer of data starts Filestore available for use again
(e.g. Library, CSAS etc.)
Tuesday 09 Oct, 6pm Completed, available
FASS Sunday 11 Nov, 6pm Completed, available
FHM Sunday 18 Nov, 6pm Completed, available
LUMS Sunday 25 Nov, 6pm Monday 26 Nov, 8am
FST Sunday 09 Dec, 6pm Monday 10 Dec, 8am
ISS Sunday 16 Dec, 6pm Monday 17 Dec, 8am

Before transfer

  • If you have data stored on SILO that is no longer needed, please delete it.

Transfer starts

  • See above schedule for start time.

During transfer

  • During transfer, your data stored at \\lancs\silo\(faculty name) will be Read only (i.e. existing data can be viewed, but changes to existing data cannot be made and new data cannot be stored).
  • See above schedule for how long the transfer of data takes, and when the new storage will be available for use.

After transfer

  • After transfer, your data will be stored at \\lancs\luna\(faculty name) and will be Read write (i.e. existing data can be viewed and changed, and new data can be stored).

Note that to access LUNA:

  • From off campus you’ll need to use VPN.
  • On a Mac you’ll need to connect via smb://luna.lancs.ac.uk/(faculty name)
  • On operating systems other than Mac you’ll need to connect via \\luna.lancs.ac.uk\(faculty name)


Problems after transfer

You may have some applications/systems that also access the storage facility – issues relating to this after the transfer of data to LUNA may be resolved by restarting the application/system. If this doesn’t work, follow the advice below.

If you experience a problem accessing or using the LUNA storage facility after the transfer, please contact your Faculty IT team or the ISS Service Desk.