Access undergraduate email‌ Email for undergraduate students is provided by Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 is hosted by Microsoft in the cloud.

It can be accessed via the web or from mobile devices, using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. Office 365 is not dependent on the operating system that is being used. There

Firefox - there is currently a known bug that only effects Firefox. When composing a message in Firefox on Windows or Mac word wrap may not work with the cursor and text just going to the right. Microsoft is aware of the issue and a fix will no doubt roll out at some point.

For the best, richest experience with Office 365, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Internet Explorer 11. The latest version of Internet Explorer offer faster web browsing, integrated spell-checking, improved security, and more. Office 365 no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 so Internet Explorer 8 users should expect slower performance with Office 365’s Outlook Web App and other Office Web Apps.


Frequently asked questions about undergraduate email

This service is running normally.

The service is currently running normally.

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