High End Computing



The High End Computing Cluster is a centrally-run service to support researchers and research students at Lancaster who require high performance computing. This includes workloads with requirements that can't be met by the IUS or desktop PCs.

The combined facility offers 3000 CPU cores, 11TB of memory, 32TB of high performance filestore and 1PB of medium performance filestore. The service combines what was the previously separately supported services of local high performance computing (HPC) users and the local Particle Physics research group (GridPP).

The cluster operating system is Scientific Linux, with job submission handled by Sun Grid Engine (SGE). The service supports a wide variety of third-party software including numerical packages, libraries and C and Fortran compilers.


Frequently asked questions about the HEC

This service is running normally.

The service is currently running normally.

Key information

  • Available to: Staff, postgraduate researchers
  • Availability:

    Availability: 24/7 hours - 7 days

    Mon - Fri (excl. holidays) 09:00 to 17:00 for account requests

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