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iLancaster iconiLancaster is a free mobile application providing Lancaster University services and information for mobile devices.

iLancaster is available for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), Android, and there's a web-based version for other mobile devices with web browsing capability. There are a number of ‘profiles’ to meet the needs of different users.

Student/Staff users

Features for student/staff users include:

  • Timetable – see your personal course and exam timetables.
  • Bus Timetable (Lancashire & Cumbria Services) – locate your nearest or chosen bus stop, and see when the next bus is due.
  • Moodle – access your Moodle files and discussions.
  • Locations – find and locate rooms, buildings and other locations on a campus map.
  • Sports Centre – manage your Sports Centre bookings, and check availability of activities.
  • Events – see extra-curricular and social events of interest to students and staff.
  • Purple Card – see offers and discounts available to students and staff.

Undergraduate Applicant users

Features for undergraduate applicants include:

  • My Degree – hear from your academic department and get important course information.
  • Day in the Life – read blogs by current students, giving you an insight into life at Lancaster.
  • Colleges 101 – find out more about what the College system means for you.
  • Accommodation 360 – see what our accommodation is like with 360° footage, and find out more about costs.
  • Book a Visit – book to attend an Applicant Visit Day

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  • Undergraduate applicants
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