Jabber curvedJabber is the presence and instant messaging application that allows you to communicate with colleagues in a quick and easy manner. Jabber has the following features:

  • Presence - this shows your availability, it updates automatically when you are on the phone or in a meeting, and you can set a custom status.
  • Instant messaging - quickly send a message to one or more people, send captures of  your screen and transfer documents.
  • Use as a phone - Jabber can be used as a phone when a USB headset is connected, and you can control your desk phone too.
  • Video chat - If you are on a call and you both have web cams available, your voice chat can become a video call and you can activate desktop sharing to show your screen contents to the recipients.
  • Voicemail - Jabber also links to your voicemail account to enable you to quickly access and listen to your voice messages.

Help guides and short videos on using Jabber are available in the Training section for Jabber Training materials.

Frequently asked questions about Jabber

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The service is currently running normally.

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