Phones curvedThe new phones provide you with really useful features to improve communication at work. Example features include:

  • Online phone directories - no need to use the phone book to find out someone's contact number
  • Caller ID - see the name/number of the person who is calling you
  • Call history- see a list of calls you have made and those that you have missed
  • Place a call on hold - easily place a call on hold and resume the call
  • Transfer a call - transfer a call to another person
  • Voicemail - create a personalised voicemail greeting for when you are unavailable to answer your phone
  • Audio conferencing - have a conversation easily with up to 4 callers (internal or external) at once
  • Extension mobility - you can logon to other CISCO phones on campus and access your settings - your extension number moves with you, helping you to work more flexibly

Frequently asked questions about phones

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The service is currently running normally.

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