Software list button new‌A range of software licensed for students and staff at Lancaster University is available in campus public access PC Labs and on staff office PCs, and can also be installed on student and staff PCs.

Software curved

  • Public access PCs - with a range of software useful to students, including Microsoft Office.
  • Teaching space PCs - with a range of software for staff delivering courses.
  • ISS supported PCs - for staff, pre-installed with set of general purpose software, including Microsoft Office, and with a range of software available to install easily using the Control Panel.
  • Software licensed for use at the University – a full range of licensed software for students and staff, eg SPSS, EndNote. Details and access are via the Software list. 
  • Student and staff software shop (ELMS) – discounted software, eg Microsoft. Links to ELMS are provided, as appropriate, from the Software list. 


Frequently asked questions about software

This service is running normally.

The service is currently running normally.

Key information

  • Available to: Undergraduates; postgraduates; staff
  • Availability:

    Availability: 24/7 hours – 7 days for network installs

    Mon - Fri (excl. holidays) 09:00 to 17:00 for disk based software from ISS and Library

  • Feedback: Tell us what you think about this service