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Welcome to Lancaster

As a new student, here's how to get connected.

In order to connect to the majority of the services shown below you'll need your University account username and password.
You'll have received the username (based on your name) as part of the online registration process, and will have set a password for it.

About your

Your account provides access to a range of University systems and services.

Your username (e.g. bloggsj23) and email address (e.g. are based on your name. You use your University card to release printing, loan laptops and access PC/Learning Labs.

Access your account details

to Wi-Fi

Connect to the secure eduroam service for wi-fi in student rooms and across campus.

When you connect to eduroam wi-fi for the first time, make sure you enter your username in the following format: (your username) - e.g.

How to connect to eduroam

to ResNet

Connect to ResNet in your campus room to get high-speed Internet and network access.

Connect your PC or laptop via network cable to the network point on the wall. Then, when you open your web browser the ResNet page should display - but if it doesn’t, browse to the URL below.

Connect to ResNet


If you haven’t already got it on your device, download our free iLancaster mobile app.

You’ll need to select the ‘Student/Staff User’ profile. If you’ve already got iLancaster but are using a different profile, log out of the app then back in, this time selecting the ‘Student/Staff User’ one.

Download iLancaster

Access the
Student Portal

The Student Portal is your gateway to lots of information and resources you’ll need.

From the Student Portal you can access module content and information, notifications and news, your email, course and exam timetables, library account, academic record and more.

Go to the Student Portal

Install free

You can install antivirus and Microsoft Office software for free.

Install Office software on multiple PCs or laptops, tablets and mobiles. Also, on Windows PCs or laptops Application Jukebox (AppJ) lets you run software on demand without having to install it.

How to install free software

Find out where
to store work

Our secure storage means no need to store work on the hard drive of your PC or laptop.

If you store work on the hard drive of your PC or laptop and something goes wrong with it you could lose your work. So we give you a personal filestore on our servers and unlimited storage in the cloud.

How to store your work

Set up ready
for printing

Set up to connect to our printers, and add credit to your print account.

Once you’re set up, you can send your work to print, then go to the printer of your choice to print it out. You can add print credit online using a payment card, or by cash at one of the kiosks in the library.

How to set up for printing

University email

University email is how staff will contact you and how you should contact them.

PhD students use Exchange email.

Go to Exchange email

Undergraduates, and new postgraduates who aren’t doing a PhD (e.g. Masters students), use Office 365 email.

Go to Office 365 email

IT help

Help from the ISS Service Desk.

Get help

Password help

Help with your account password.

Get password help

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