Video Calls and Meetings Online

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Various services are available for video calling and meeting online.

An interactive tool is available to help you decide which service is best for your circumstances and guide you to appropriate resources. These services include:

WebEx provides conferencing features from your computer, including secure online audio or video conferences. We recommend using WebEx for video calls and meetings involving external participants where you both want to be situated on your own computer.

Jabber allows you to communicate with colleagues in a quick and easy manner, including phone calls, instant messaging and video calls. We recommend using Jabber for instant messaging and calls with other Lancaster colleagues.

Video Conferencing Rooms
Video Conferencing Rooms are situated across campus. These include meeting rooms and teaching spaces equipped with video conferencing units, as well as a suite of mobile units. We recommend using a video conferencing room or mobile unit for video calls and meetings involving external participants where you want to be situated in a meeting room.

Skype is a widely-used communications application which is available on supported PC’s in offices & teaching spaces. We recommend using Skype when the other participants have asked to use it.

Available to

  • Staff


  • WebEx - 24/7
  • Jabber - 24/7
  • Mobile video conferencing - Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
  • Skype - 24/7