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WebEx provides secure online video and audio conferencing with internal and external participants. It allows you to set up scheduled conferences where participants can be invited via email and join by following a web link. WebEx allows you to:

  • Collaborate with up to 100 users in a single meeting
  • Share presentations, individual applications or your entire desktop
  • Pass control of the meeting to other participants
  • Dial in to the conference from any phone, or use a USB headset if at your computer
  • Record meetings for future reference


Jabber is an instant messaging and presence application for communication with colleagues. Features include:

  • Instant messaging - send a message to one or more people, send screen captures and transfer documents.
  • Presence - show your availability, updating automatically when you are on the phone or in a meeting.
  • Phone – use as a phone when a USB headset is connected, and control your desk phone.
  • Video chat - Voice chats can become a video calls when both participants have web cams available.
  • Voicemail - Link to your voicemail account to access voice messages.

v-scene Video Conferencing Service

v-scene provides a desktop video conferencing client, enabling users without dedicated video conferencing hardware to join a video conference using a desktop PC with a webcam and microphone. Outgoing video conference calls should be booked via the v-scene booking service through ISS.

Mobile Video Conferencing Units

Portable video conferencing units are available in FASS, LUMS, LEC and University House. The units, mounted on a trolley, comprise of a plasma TV, high definition video conferencing unit and connections for a laptop or PC. To ensure availability and allow time for test calls, bookings (via the ISS Service Desk) should be arranged at least a week in advance.

Available to

  • Staff


  • WebEx - 24/7
  • Jabber - 24/7
  • v-scene - 24/7 for conferencing; Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm for bookings and assistance
  • Mobile video conferencing - Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm