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Software Titles
CutePDF » Productivity Standard 
Geneec »AppJ» Modeling/Simulation Standard 
Gromacs »AppJ» Modeling/Simulation Standard 
GSView » Graphics Standard 
Internet Explorer » Productivity Standard 
jEdit »AppJ» Programming Standard 
MATLAB »AppJ» Numerical Statistical Standard 
Microsoft Campus Agreement » Productivity Standard 
MOTD » Utility Standard 
Mozilla Firefox » Productivity Standard 
PuTTY »AppJ» Utility Standard 
QtiPlot »AppJ» Graphics Standard 
Skype »AppJ» Collaborative Instant_Messaging Standard 
TeXnic Center »AppJ» Scientific_WP Standard 
TLTP » Other Standard 
VMD »AppJ» Modeling/Simulation Standard 
WinSCP »AppJ» Utility Standard 
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