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We have a range of site licensed and 'free' applications available for researchers. Click on the 'software title' e.g. 'Qualtrics »' for further information on how to access the application.

For further information about the Software for Researchers page follow: About Software for Researchers.

                    (The full) Software Catalogue      
 Software TitleLaunchResearchersPlatformCategoryWin10 StatusRestricted To:
All applications are 'free', except those marked (£) 
ATLAS.ti »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, MobileQualitativeCompatibile
BEAST »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, HECStatisticalCompatibile
C/C++ » (Intel Compiler)     Students, StaffHECProgrammingN/A
C/C++ » (PGI Compiler)     Students, StaffHECProgrammingN/A
Fortran » (Intel Compiler)     Students, StaffHECProgrammingN/A
Fortran » (PGI Compiler)     Students, StaffHECProgrammingN/A
GuassView » Students, StaffLinuxData AnalysisN/A
IDL » Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxNumericalReported CompatibleConcurrent Named List
JASP »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsStatisticalCompatible'Work Offline' via AppAnywhere is NOT available
jEdit »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsProgrammingCompatibile
LabView » Students, StaffWindowsModeling/SimulationCompatibile
Leximancer » Students, StaffWindows, MacQualitativeCompatibile
MATLAB »   Software Peer forumApps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, HECStatistical, NumericalCompatibile
Microsoft Imagine Premium » (Free develpment Microsoft & VMware software - including Windows 10)    ELMS»Students, StaffWebUtilityReported Compatible
Notepad++ »   Software Peer forumApps»Students, StaffWindowsUtility, ProgrammingCompatibile
NVivo » (Pro)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacQualitativeCompatibile
Octave » (GNU)     Students, StaffHECNumericalReported Compatible
Qualtrics »SaaS»Students, StaffWebSurvey, CollaborativeN/A
R »Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, Linux, IUS, HECStatistical, ProgrammingCompatibile
RStudio Desktop » (inc R 3.1.2)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, Mac, LinuxStatistical, ProgrammingCompatibile
SPSS » (IBM SPSS Statistics)    Apps»Students, StaffWindows, MacStatisticalCompatibile
SPSS » ( in Ghana)     Students, StaffWindows, MacStatisticalCompatible
SPSS Amos »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsStatisticalCompatible
Stata MP4 » (HEC)     Students, StaffHECStatisticalN/AConcurrent
Stata MP4 »Apps»Students, StaffWindowsStatisticalCompatibileLUMS Concurrent
StataSE »Apps»Students onlyWindowsStatisticalCompatibileLUMS Concurrent 'Work Offline' via AppAnywhere is NOT available
TurningPoint Cloud »Apps»Staff onlyWindows, Mac, MobileCollaborativeCompatible
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