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Software on Supported PCs 

ISS pre-installs commonly used site-licensed software e.g. Microsoft Office, on 'Supported Windows 7 PCs', and makes a range software e.g. SPSS Statistics, easly installable from the 'Programs, Get programs' section of the Control Panel.

Software Titles 
Audacity » Audio Installable via Control Panel
Business Optix Workpad » Modeling/Simulation Installable via Control Panel
Google Earth » Graphics Pre-Installed
Inkscape » Graphics Pre-Installed
Internet Explorer » Productivity Pre-Installed
MathType Lite Fonts » Productivity Other Pre-Installed
Mendeley Desktop » Other Pre-Installed
Microsoft Campus Agreement » Productivity Pre-Installed
Microsoft Office 2010 » Productivity Pre-Installed
Mozilla Firefox » Productivity Installable via Control Panel
Pandion »Installable via Control Panel
Panopto » Productivity Installable via Control Panel
Processing » Programming Pre-Installed
PuTTY » Utility Pre-Installed
SEP » Security Pre-Installed
SiSo » Modeling/Simulation Other Pre-Installed
Skype » Collaborative Instant_Messaging Installable via Control Panel
VLC Media Player » Utility Video Installable via Control Panel
WinSCP » Utility Installable via Control Panel
19 software titles displayed. To reduce the number of titles displayed, drop the 'Category' and select.

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