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Accessibility Software

Software from Sensory Software

ISS, on behalf of the University, has subscribed to a campus-only licence for a suite of accessibility software from Sensory Software. The software is currently being tested, and should be available soon. This comprises the following products:


Screen magnification software. Whatever appears on the screen can be magnified up to 16 times.


Speech output software. This is a talking tool to support users with little or no sight.


This combines LookOUT (for speech) and Magnus (for magnification).


Speech output software. This is a talking tool to support reading and writing for fully-sighted users. Users who might find this useful will include: dyslexic people, early learners, slow learners and users who are working on a computer with a language that they are perhaps not too literate with. It can be used to speak out the information on the screen or to echo user input.


Other Accessibility Software

Mind Mapping Software

ISS also has a site licence for the MindJet mind mapping software.


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