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Software Titles available in PC Labs

Software Titles
Adobe Acrobat Pro Utility Standard 
Adobe Reader Utility Standard 
AmosAppJ» Statistical Standard 
ArcGIS Graphics Standard 
AudacityAppJ» Audio Standard 
CutePDF Productivity Standard 
ERDAS IMAGINE 2010 Graphics Standard 
EViewsAppJ» Modeling/Simulation Standard 
FreeMind Productivity Standard 
GeneecAppJ» Modeling/Simulation Standard 
Google EarthAppJ» Graphics Standard 
GromacsAppJ» Modeling/Simulation Standard 
GSView Graphics Standard 
gVIMAppJ» Programming Utility Standard 
Internet Explorer Productivity Standard 
jEditAppJ» Programming Standard 
MapleAppJ» Numerical Standard 
MATLABAppJ» Numerical Statistical Standard 
Microsoft Campus Agreement Productivity Standard 
Microsoft WindowsUtilityStandard 
Mozilla Firefox Productivity Standard 
Pandion Messaging Standard 
PC InfoUtilityStandard 
PhysEditAppJ» Utility Standard 
PuTTYAppJ» Utility Standard 
QtiPlotAppJ» Graphics Standard 
Qualtrics Collaborative Survey Standard 
SEP Security Standard 
SkypeAppJ» Utility Standard 
SOLVER add-in for Excel Productivity Standard 
SPSSAppJ» Statistical Standard 
TeXnic CenterAppJ» Scientific_WP Standard 
The Marketing Game!Modeling/SimulationStandard 
Vensim PLEAppJ» Other Standard 
VLC Media PlayerAppJ» Utility Standard 
VMDAppJ» Modeling/Simulation Standard 
WinSCPAppJ» Utility Standard 
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