Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Qualification demonstrates that you have specialist skills in using Microsoft applications.

As a member of Lancaster University, you can self-study one or more MOS qualifications at your own pace. Each are a qualification in their own right. Each qualification is around 40 learning hours.  View MOS Productivity Study.

The qualifications available in Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 are: 

  • Excel 
  • Outlook - this is not '' or 'Office365 Outlook'
    (qualification applies to Postgraduates and Staff as an exchange email account is required)
  • PowerPoint 
  • Word

Expert level is also available in Microsoft Word and/or Excel. Expert level assumes completion of a previous level, or equivalent knowledge and experience. All MOS qualifications are entirely self study. Please note:

  • Expert levels in 2013 consist of two separate exams for each qualification. Part A exam (included in the initial registration) and part B exam (additional fee applies)

Registrations valid from October 2014 to September 2015.  All exams to be taken before 29 September 2015.  Summer Special only available while stocks last!

Please note: Registration for MOS is only available on Microsoft Office 2010/2013 for Windows and not on any other versions or other operating systems.

How much does it cost?

The current discounted fee is £15.00 for students and £28.00 for staff per exam. This includes eBook, GMetrix practice exam software and one attempt at the exam (exams are non-transferable and can only be taken in the designated exam room on campus at Lancaster University before 29th September 2015). No refund is available.

Please note:

  • The PC that you are using to access GMetrix will need to have the Microsoft Office 2010/2013 applications installed
  • You need your Lancaster University log in credentials to access the exams, therefore you need to be a current student or member of staff at the time of taking any exam
  • All exams (including resits) have to be taken before 29 September, 2015
  • You have to wait at least 24 hours before taking a resit on the first failed attempt 
  • For any consequent resit you have to wait at least 48 hours (fees apply)

How do I study and take the exam?

1. Register and pay for your chosen MOS qualification

  • MOS qualifications are only available to students and staff of Lancaster University
  • You must register using your Lancaster University email address for your registration to be valid - we will email you within 5 working days with the details you need
  • If you are a staff member and wish to register using journal transfer - please email

2. Self-study using the online eBook along with practice files and GMetrix practice exam software

3. Book a MOS revision session (optional)

4. Book a MOS Exam slot.

All exams are invigilated and are performance-based, in a live or simulated environment which typically last 60 minutes - on completion the exam results are displayed immediately on screen.

If you wish to discuss MOS in further detail please contact iss-training