DELC416 Academic and Practical Methods in Translation

20 credits

DELC416: Academic and practical methods in translation.

This is the core module for the MA in Translation. It provides for students who are entering into a profession which makes particularly high demands on translators in terms of their original language competence and target language writing skills. Translators must negotiate culturally-specific material and deal with the specific needs and expectations of difference audiences. This module equips students with an understanding of the key theoretical and practical considerations associated with translation, with an emphasis on practical knowledge and methodologies.

The modules is taught through a weekly lecture, complemented by translation work undertaken in preparation for and during language-specific seminars.

Topics covered include: Translation in historical context, Equivalence and Target-language relation; Translation types and strategies; Cultural Factors; Communication and Cognitive Factors; Translation Ethics; Translation Tools.; Translation Software; Translation Quality and Proof-reading; Professional Environment.