Cornelia Wech

PhD European Languages and Cultures

Why did you choose your course at Lancaster?

I chose to study at Lancaster University for multiple reasons. First and foremost the Department of Languages and Cultures gave me the chance to pursue my doctoral research in an area I like to specialise in and provided supervision for me. Moreover, Lancaster University does not only have an excellent reputation for its innovative research but also offers many opportunities for funding and support. From the first day I got in touch with the university I felt welcome and supported at every stage of my application and my studies and I am happy to be part of such a well organised institution.

What is the best part of your course?

There are many great aspects that my PhD-course at DELC has to offer. I enjoy it to conduct my own research and to have the chance to develop my ideas in a research area that I am very interested in. At the same time I appreciate the opportunity to work together with experienced supervisors who support me in every aspect of my research.

What are you hoping to do when you finish university?

Being at a very early stage of my PhD-studies, I have not yet decided what exactly I want to do when I have finished university but I am convinced that my time at Lancaster will prepare me for my future encounters as a researcher or in any related professional area.

What's 'Lancaster life' like?

I live in Manchester and commute to university whenever I need to be there. I find it easy to travel to Lancaster by train or car and enjoy the time that I spend on campus with other postgraduate students. There are many opportunities to catch up, for instance in one of the cafés, in the library or in our workspace at the department.

Cornelia has written a blog on her research conference experience which you can read here.