Dafydd Jones

MA Translation

Why did you choose your course at Lancaster?

My goal is to eventually have work which encompasses translation and the work placement module as well as the personal training the department was going to give me seemed to make Lancaster the right place to do the course.

What is the best part of your course?

So far I’ve really enjoyed being challenged by the tutors in terms of my translation choices in workshops. They’re helpful to make me want to better myself and what I can do with the languages I speak.

What are you hoping to do when you finish university?

If possible, I will stay in the north west of England. I hope to ideally fit in somewhere to a job with links to Germany, but that may mean moving to the country, which is exciting!

What's 'Lancaster life' like?

Life on campus and in town has meant lots of cultural engagement for me and there’s music, pubs and international cafés to keep me entertained. I think people in Lancaster are very easy to get on with and that definitely goes for the campus as well!


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