Emma Page

MA Translation

Why did you choose your course at Lancaster?

As I was finishing my undergraduate degree in French and Comparative Literature at Wellesley College in the US, I realized that I loved translation but I didn't have the skills or professional connections to begin working in the industry. The MA in Translation at Lancaster offered the chance to consolidate my language abilities into a practical, marketable skill-set.  

What is the best part of your course?

I'm really enjoying the interpreting module-- it's a kind of language-based work I never would have gotten to try otherwise! I also love how closely I've ended up working with the other students on the course. We have a very tight, supportive group and that has made the whole experience more positive. 

What are you hoping to do when you finish university?

I want to pursue interpreting further, possibly by becoming DPSI-certified and eventually working as a conference interpreter. 

What's 'Lancaster life' like?

Lancaster life is what you make it! I love the arts, so I've particularly enjoyed being part of a couple of student performance societies and seeing some excellent shows brought to campus by LICA.