Authors and the World

Authors & the World is an interdisciplinary research hub that brings together Anglophone and non-Anglophone writers, translators, publishers, editors, reviewers and researchers from a broad sweep of disciplines in the Arts and Humanities. Staff in Lancaster associated with the hub come from the departments of European Languages & Culture, Contemporary Arts (LICA), English & Creative Writing, Linguistics & English Language, Politics, Philosophy & Religious Studies, and the HighWire Doctoral Training Centre.

Our programme of research currently has three main emphases: literary celebrity (begun in 2014), translation (begun in 2015), the digital (begun in 2016). All of our work is underpinned by in-depth analysis of a variety of different cultural contexts and a wide range of genres and media.

You can follow our debates and access the materials we generate online at, on our facebook page ('Authors and the World'), and via twitter: @AuthorsWorld.