Paul Eager

Degree: German Studies and English
Year of Graduation: 2003
Job title: Leader of Innovation and Progress – Communicate Faculty
Organisation: Flixton Girls School

Q. Why did you choose to study at Lancaster University?

A. I loved Lancaster in particular as it is a campus University and I was really attracted by that kind of experience. 

Q. What were the best things about your course at Lancaster?

A. Superb quality staff delivering a great choice of units to study and a common love for languages amongst all involved in the department.

Q. How much did you Lancaster degree help you in your career?

A. I could not have pursued the career I have and had the experiences and opportunities without the education provided at Lancaster University.

Q. How much did your language skills help you in your career?

A. My language skills are my bread and butter, used daily to communicate in and teach German.  Without my language skills I don’t know what I would be doing!

Q. How much did your year abroad help in your career?

A. The year abroad was arguably the most life changing experience of my student years, not only providing opportunity to practise and develop my language skills in a real situation but also in creating memories and experiences that I still refer to today as part of my everyday teaching.

Q. How has your career progressed since graduating?

A.  I completed my PGCE at St. Martin's College in 2004 and went on to become a German Specialist teacher for many years fulfilling many roles on my road to leadership, until I took the promotion to the position of Director of MFL at another school where I had massive impact in rebuilding the MFL Faculty, introducing German, increasing Key Stage 4 uptake by 800% and becoming the Primary MFL hub for the whole county. 

Recently I have taken up a new role as a member of the leadership team at a high performing all-girls school in the very competitive area of Trafford in Manchester.  I am now the Leader of Innovation and Progress for the Communicate Faculty involving being Head of MFL (German, French and Spanish), line managing English and Media studies and whole school responsibility for Literacy and the Global Dimension.  I have also introduced German into the MFL department as a compulsory dominant language. We have a newly formed Sixth Form College and the plan is to integrate A level Languages at some point in the near future.

Q. What are the most important qualities for being successful in your role?

A.  Subject knowledge, strategic and operational awareness, leadership, people skills, organisational skills, innovation and creativity, enthusiasm and drive.

Q. What do you like in your current role?

A.   Everything!  Every day is different with different challenges and successes.  I come in to contact with a very diverse range of people at many levels and have a direct impact on the lives of students.

Q. What snippet of career advice would you give to a current student?

A.  Have high aspirations and continue to develop and push yourself to progress in your career field.