Vincent Cicile

Degree: Business Studies (Study Abroad) - with Chinese option
Year of Graduation: 2015
Job Title: Project Manager
Organisation: Citybird

Q. Why did you choose to study at Lancaster University?

A. To be perfectly honest, Lancaster was not my first choice initially. But I wish it had been! In the end, I chose Lancaster for the international perspective it was offering coupled to a renowned Management school. I also liked the fact that you can feel that the University is getting better and better throughout the years, both in terms of reputation and investment towards better education.

Q. What were the best things about your course at Lancaster?

A. My exchange quite clearly. It was a wonderful opportunity and I can’t stress enough how much it helped me become the person I am today. The variety and the flexibility of the programme were also very helpful. Having the option of studying Chinese throughout my whole degree was a great asset that I have certainly used since. 

Q. How much did your Lancaster degree help you in your career?

A. As I have been away for less than a year, it is still hard to tell. However came across Lancaster University quite quickly after graduation, as I did my Masters paper on venture capitalism in China, and asked the help of Professor Atherton, who’s a specialist on China and also Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University.

Q. How much did your language skills help you in your career?

A. It guided me in my choices a lot so far. This is why I chose the master I am currently finishing, as it gave me the option to go to China.             

Q. How has your career progressed since graduating?

A. I did an MSc in International Management at the LSE, which included an exchange for a term in Peking University, Beijing, China. I need now to hand in my final paper and I will start working for a start-up in Paris from September.

Q. What are the most important qualities for being successful in your role?

A.  It’s hard to tell as I have not had much experience so far, but I would say being honest and open.

Q. What do you like in your current role?

A. Same as before, hard to answer this question right now.

Q. What snippet of career advice would you give to a current student?

A.  Do prepare when it comes to job hunting. Do use the careers services, as much as you can. And enjoy your time in Lancaster, I ended up missing it far too quickly!