Adam Aisthorpe

Modern Languages (French, German and Italian) 2013

I always knew that I wanted to carry on studying languages after finishing college and originally applied for German and Italian at all five of my university choices I put Lancaster University as my first choice and was invited to a DELC open day which made it certain I had made the right choice. The department is relatively small and all the staff I met, and those I later got to know better, have all been extremely helpful and friendly over the past four years. Having been informed about the elective subjects, I decided to take up French as a minor and keep my degree entirely in DELC.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the best part of my degree is most certainly the year abroad –the main reasons I chose to study languages. The fact that I could go away and put my language into practice was the main motivation which kept me going through first and second year. The options which DELC offer made the year abroad even more exciting. I was extremely lucky to get a place at Geneva University and thoroughly enjoyed spending 4 months studying in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I was lucky once again to secure a job placement in Germany which added a different perspective to my year abroad experience.

On second reflection however, I have come to realise that the best part of my degree has been the people. Languages is all about communication and throughout the 4 years I have used my language skills to communicate to a variety of people, whether they be staff, students, employers or friends from the year abroad. Studying languages has enabled me to come into contact with an even larger amount of people who would be far less accessible to me had I not studied languages. The potential for the future and the possibilities of meeting more people like those I have met studying at Lancaster are truly exciting prospects.