Jasmine Owens

Spanish Studies and History, 2016

I chose to study Spanish at Lancaster University, because it is a beautiful language and I wanted to speak it well.  I also wanted a year abroad and DELC has a fab reputation. DELC is such a warm and lively department: you feel welcomed and you are a valued part of the department.

The modules were the best part about my degree, especially in final year when we’re learning from the teachers’ own research: the module on Mexican resistance movement was inspiring.

I was a student ambassador for DELC in my final year, which was actually fun, speaking to prospective students and being able to answer their questions and get them all excited about the degree.

For my year abroad, I found an unpaid internship position with an online news website based in Santiago, Chile. I wanted to get to know about Chile and Latin American politics and culture and saw this as the one chance I definitely had to do it, so I used my student loan to live off whilst I was there (it is much cheaper than here) and really got to know the place. I learned so much about journalism, online media and hosted a radio show every week; I was so busy, excited and generally kind of worn out that I didn’t even miss home. It was a fantastic year.

Lancaster University has everything you need and the campus environment and small city help you stay focused. Everyone is learning their own thing and conversations are always interesting because of this.