Ninh Hao

European Languages and Management Studies 2015

I originally intended to pursue only a management degree but I quickly realized the value of adding a language such as Spanish. In today’s world, business is so inter-related that speaking another language not only contributes to the ease of doing business but it will also introduce you to a whole new culture and way of thinking.  Also, the culture modules that DELC offer are brilliant! They are not only about culture in the specific regions but also touch upon history, geography, politics and sociology. The topics taught are difficult to fit into a box but they are very relevant to current affairs and will enhance critical thinking.

My year abroad in Chile was an absolute game changer! I worked for the British Chamber which was an amazing placement opportunity! The many projects I finished include changing their entire email system to Google Apps for Business from start to finish, producing a Management Control Report, assisting on all monthly and quarterly publications detailing the economic forecasts and development of Chile, and planning and executing approximately 50 events for the Chamber including high profile Golf and Tennis tournaments. Working in Chile was a multitasking challenge as I worked at my full capacity while operating and meeting deadlines in Spanish; after I came back from my year abroad, my Spanish studies were on a whole different level. Being on your own in a foreign country really teaches you a lot in terms of independence and responsibility. As a result, I have been offered a permanent position after graduation as the Marketing and Communications Manager for the British Chilean Chamber of Commerce, a position normally not offered to a graduate student. So my year abroad made all the pieces fall into place.