DELC310: Residence Abroad: Intercultural and Academic Reflection

The Year Abroad is compulsory for Single and Joint Honours Language students, who must spend at least eight months abroad in their third year.

Students will:

  • analyse the contemporary relevance of a tradition, contemporary social, political or economic issue, or a living part of the regional culture.
  • reflect critically on cultural differences observed in everyday life such as social relationships, politics, attitudes to food, drink, religion, etc., explaining them in the context of various historical, social and cultural developments.
  • think analytically about their intercultural position and understanding of the relevant culture(s).
  • reflect on language use (different registers, varieties of pronunciation and accents, dialects, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, and aspects of grammar) and the process of the acquisition of skills in the relevant language(s).

The module also aims to enhance and develop students' language skills, with all assessments being written in the target language.

Students who started a language as a beginner in Part I must spend a minimum of four months in a country where that language is spoken.

Joint Honours students studying two languages may choose to spend the year in either of the two countries concerned or, if appropriate arrangements can be made, can spend a semester in each country.