26 July 2017
The Rt Hon Sir Ernest Ryder was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws (honoris causa) at this years graduation ceremony on Tuesday 18th July.

The Rt Hon Sir Ernest Ryder is one of the country’s most senior and distinguished judges.  He is a Lord Justice of Appeal and is also Senior President of Tribunals and, as such, is responsible for the strategic leadership of the Tribunal judiciary.  Called to the Bar in 1991, he was made Queen’s Counsel in 1997 and appointed a judge of the High Court in 2004.  He is also a commissioned officer in the Territorial Army, serving with the Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry.  He is from Bolton, and is Chancellor Emeritus of Bolton University.

Addressing the ceremony, he congratulated the graduating students; 'Among you today will be leaders of people, leading strategists and thinkers, technologists and researchers.  Whichever way your talent takes you, don’t be afraid of using it ... Be true to yourself, be proud of your heritage, your family, friends, schools and your university and use your achievements to good effect for the benefit of all.'