John Pearson

Lecturer at the University of Manchester

Lancaster was the obvious choice when undertaking my PhD, a highly ranked institution nationally and internationally and with staff who are experts in their fields. Having completed a Masters degree at Lancaster I was already familiar with the collegiate and friendly atmosphere within the department and was eager to become a part of that as I progressed towards my doctorate.

During my studies this belief was reinforced, and as well as being welcomed and included by staff both engaged in my fields of study and not, I was presented with a number of opportunities as well as guidance which undoubtedly has ensured my success in achieving a career in academia.

The environment at Lancaster both inside and outside of the Law School was engaging and enjoyable throughout my studies. Opportunities both social and academic were constantly available within the department itself and elsewhere in the University. As a result as well as achieving a doctorate and working with expert supervisors and colleagues I undoubtedly made lifelong friends.

My time at Lancaster has led me to pursue a career in academia, and I am now a Lecturer at the University of Manchester and stay in regular contact with colleagues and friends from Lancaster. I can definitely say that I would not be where I am today without the support and expertise I experienced during my PhD.