Administrative Justice

Richard Kirkham
Naomi Creutzfeldt

Administrative justice is a broad topic that captures traditional administrative law concerns, such as judicial review and tribunals, alongside the whole range of complaints mechanisms that have evolved in recent years, such as the ombudsman and ombudsman-like complaint handlers, adjudicators, commissioners and a whole variety of internal complaint mechanisms. Administrative justice also captures the concept of ‘getting decisions right’ in the first place and the stream welcomes research on primary decision-makers as well as dispute resolution procedures. The stream also is happy to receive papers on regulators responsible for promoting administrative justice.

The Administrative Justice stream welcomes papers from a broad array of perspectives, including empirical, theoretical or legal examinations of different areas of the administrative justice system, with papers from international jurisdictions particularly welcome. Informal inquiries on proposed abstracts are also welcomed, as are proposals to run sessions on more focused topic areas or significant pieces of work recently published.

Abstracts may only be submitted via the Easy Chair Platform. They must be no longer than 300 words and should include your title, name and institutional affiliation and your email address for correspondence.