Culture Clash, Peace and World Order

Nwudego Nkemakonam Chinwuba

Culture covers and entails many aspects of the life of a people. Implicated in this status is the equally valid proposition that successive generations uphold their culture aspiring and attempting to flow into the next but without reciprocal expectation of the succeeding flowing into the previous. Nevertheless, each generation invariably flows into the previous, accepting received culture; sometimes unequivocally or indifferently and at other times with query and scrutiny. When culture is queried or scrutinised, it may be upheld, rejected or make some individuals or groups within the given society to anticipate or envisage rejection. If the latter scenario is engaged then tension arises. The tension which arises affects many segments of the life of the given society often negatively, and may also not be contained within the society.

This stream looks at culture and culture clash and their socio-legal implications on modernity, social, economic and human rights in national, global and comparative contexts. Papers, research and works which examine, discuss, and address these issues with a view to formulating socio-legal responses to peaceful existence and co-existence despite differences in ideology, religion and so forth in a modern world are welcome.

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