Judicial Biographies and Justice for Human Rights

Agata Fijakowski
Raluca Grosescu

This theme explores the relationship between biographies of judicial officials - an area that is growing in the field of socio-legal studies - and justice for mass atrocities and political violence after 1945. Most of the current literature on the topic has adopted macro-levels approaches where structural, political or cultural factors represent the main explanatory variables for the adoption or the rejection of specific justice measures and norms.

In contrast to these approaches, we focus on judicial officials (defined broadly to include legal experts and scholars) and how their personal biographies, education, forms of socialisation, subjective values, and representations regarding the role of law in society have shaped different approaches to, or policies of reckoning with mass atrocities and violent pasts. We encourage proposals that look at judicial biographies and justices measures deployed in both democratic and in authoritarian societies, as well as in the field of international criminal law.

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The deadline for submissions is Monday 18th January 2016.