Research Methodologies and Methods

Petra Mahy
Eleanor Pritchard

Contemporary socio-legal researchers employ a wide variety of methodologies and methods to examine how law operates in society. This stream invites researchers to present the methodology/method(s) they have used, and to reflect on their experiences.

Applicants should produce a presentation at the conference that addresses the following areas:

  • Brief description of the research project and its aims, to set in context the discussion of methodology/method(s);
  • Detailed description of methodology/method(s) used to address the project;
  • Explanation of why the methodology/method(s) were chosen;
  • Reflection on the practical experience of using that methodology/method(s), including lessons learnt; and
  • Comment more generally on the rationale of using specific methods and how they advance our understanding of particular issues in the socio-legal environment.

We invite methodology/method(s) papers from all spheres of socio-legal and empirical legal research. The sessions will provide space to consider how cross-disciplinary perspectives can enrich methodological/method(s) approaches.

For any informal discussion regarding submissions, please email the stream convenors.

Abstracts may only be submitted via the Easy Chair Platform. They must be no longer than 300 words and should include your title, name and institutional affiliation and your email address for correspondence.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 18th January 2016.