Sexual Offences and Offending

Phil Rumney

Sexual offences and offending is one of the most active areas of contemporary legal and policy discussion. This stream examines legal, social and policy responses to victims and offenders in the context of sexual offences and contemporary forms of victimisation and offending. This includes the use of social media to engage in problematic sexual behaviour, grooming and extreme pornography. The convenors welcome papers in a wide range of areas, including:

Child sexual offences; trafficking for sexual purposes; grooming; social media and sexual offending; sex workers and the law; police, court, prosecutorial and jury responses; extreme sexual imagery; education and prevention; social attitudes to sexual offences and offending; policy issues; restorative justice approaches; offender treatment; indecent images of children; defining sexual offences.

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Abstracts may only be submitted via the Easy Chair Platform. They must be no longer than 300 words and should include your title, name and institutional affiliation and your email address for correspondence.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 18th January 2016.