Vulnerable Suspects and Defendants

Nicola Wake
Natalie Wortley

Discourses and policy initiatives on vulnerable persons in the criminal justice system have focused on vulnerable victims and witnesses. This stream will consider the identification of vulnerable suspects and defendants and the mechanisms and processes that are present (or absent) for supporting and assisting such individuals throughout the criminal justice process.

Papers in this theme might address the following topics:

  • Identification and labelling of ‘vulnerable’ suspects and/or defendants
  • Age of criminal responsibility
  • Young suspects and the police
  • Young defendants before the courts
  • Mentally disordered or otherwise mentally vulnerable suspects in the police station
  • Mental condition defences
  • Abused defendants who kill their abusers

The stream organisers are a Deputy Director and the Risk and Vulnerability Research Coordinator of the Centre for Evidence and Criminal Justice Studies, which brings together academics, members of the judiciary, practitioners and other stakeholders in the criminal justice system (such as expert witnesses) to learn about and debate topics of current interest to members. One of the Centre’s signature research areas is vulnerable suspects and defendants.

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The deadline for submissions is Monday 18th January 2016.