Linzhu Wang

Lecturer at the School of Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law

How did the experience at Lancaster prepare you for your future career?

I have always wanted to pursue an academic career. I decided to do my PhD at Lancaster was because of the University’s academic excellence,  the Law School’s wide range of expertise in legal research, and the safe environment of the city. My supervisors gave me invaluable guidance and the best support which shaped me into a good researcher. Studying at Lancaster also gave me an opportunity to experience the English way of lecturing. After combining it with Chinese traditional lecturing methods, it has profoundly affected my way of teaching. Meanwhile, it was a great pleasure to join the International Office as a student ambassador to help potential applicants. This experience well prepared me for my current job. All in all, doing a PhD at Lancaster has helped to achieve my goals and transformed me as an academic.

 After completing your PhD at Lancaster, how did you find your first job? What was the process of this?

After I got my PhD degree, I returned to China to pursue a career. The reputation of Lancaster University as one of the top universities in the UK secured me top places in China’s job market. I was invited to interviews and received job offers from many reputable Chinese universities. I currently work as a lecturer at School of International Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law.

 In your current role, what is your typical day? What does the role involve?

I prepare for my lectures in advance by doing reading, compiling reading materials for students, making slides, and then giving the lectures. I do my own research, including writing papers or working on research projects. Tutoring is another part of the job. I answer questions and give advice to students. I attend and/or organise workshops and conferences as well.