Olivia Lohoar-Self

Research and Policy Intern for The Police Foundation

I first joined Lancaster University in 2012; a typical fresher looking forward to the freedom and social life, as well as new academic challenges. I applied to Lancaster to study English Literature and chose to study Criminology as a minor, essentially on a whim. However, as soon as I started my Criminology lectures I fell in love with the subject and the decision to change my degree was an easy one. An amazing three years later, I graduated with the top grades in the year and highest dissertation mark, a very unexpected but pleasant surprise!

During my time at Lancaster, I threw myself into all aspects of university life. As well as the countless societies, the college system makes it really easy to get involved and feel part of close knit community. I was Social Sectary for Lonsdale, as well as a member of the netball team, and had some of my greatest times at our college events.

As well as the social aspects of Lancaster University, I hugely benefited from being part of the Law School. Part of what makes the Law School really stand out, is the quality of the staff. Their passion about their subjects really shines through and is part of what makes the course so engaging. The highlight of my course had to be my dissertation which explored the predictability of domestic homicide. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with the police and gain access to their case files as part of my research, all of which was facilitated through the university.

When I left university, I didn’t have an exact idea of what of what I wanted to do, apart from knowing that I wanted to have a career related to Criminology. Fortunately I have been able to do just that! I am currently working as a research and policy intern for The Police Foundation in London. The Police Foundation are an independent think tank who focus on developing knowledge and understanding of policing as well as improving practice. Some of my responsibilities include conducting research (The Police Foundation does research for a range of organisations such as the MET and the Home Office) and keeping abreast of political developments. After my internship I am looking forward to travelling Australia for 6 months before setting my sights on my next goal!