Elizabeth George

Masters Student at Oxford University and future trainee solicitor at Slaughter and May

What is your current role?
I am currently completing a Masters in Law and Finance at Oxford University.

What attracted you to this programme of study following your undergraduate degree?
I was attracted to commercial law for two main reasons: excitement and importance.  First, I find commercial law exciting as there are always new developments which I can use to generate advice tailored to long-term business plans. Second, commercial law, although rarely a matter of life and death, is important.  Commercial law firms help clients retain jobs, expand abroad and keep the markets moving even during times of crisis. Through work experience I discovered how vital our work is to the functioning of business and became truly interested in participating in that work.

In what ways did Lancaster prepare you for this career?
My time at Lancaster helped me immeasurably in pursuing my goals, both professional and personal. The Law School offered optional courses during my second and third years which were relevant to the career I wished to enter. Additionally the lecturers were always available to discuss any questions I had about course material, prospects as a law student, or entertaining debates about the application of their subject in a wider context. Finally, the university offered me the opportunity to participate in and lead multiple extra-curricular activities, both legal and non-legal, which made a huge difference when applying for jobs and of course contributed greatly to the happiness of my life at university.

What are your future career plans and how do you hope to progress?
While at Lancaster I was offered a training contract with Slaughter and May. After this Masters I will be able to take a seven-month Legal Practice Course and thereafter join the firm.  I’m looking forward to using what I’ve learned at university in the 'real world'.