Amazon field sites

We have access to a variety of field sites across the tropical forests of South America. 

Our most long term involvement is with an ecological research project in Jari in the Brazilian Amazon where researchers and students have been working since 2003.  

Our research has taken place across 1.7 million hectares of land owned by the Jari forestry companies which practice reduced impact selective logging and manage eucalyptus plantations for cellulose.  The region also includes pristine forest, two rivers and two different forms of protected area

The focus of our research at Jari is on biodiversity and on the impacts of humans on tropical forests, and includes joint projects with the University of Lavras in Minas Gerais and The Goeldi Museum in Pará.

The centre hosts our undergraduate and masters field trips to the Brazilian Amazon.  


Contact: Dr. Jos Barlow


Phone: +44 (0)1524 510548