Centre for Biophotonics

This is a cutting edge inter-disciplinary facility combining cell biology laboratories next to imaging technologies. 

The latter range from more conventional electron (scanning and transmission) and confocal microscopy systems to two ATR-FTIR microscopes, a FTIR microscope and a Raman microscope.

The facility has extensive expertise in the application of such spectrochemical approaches to lend novel insights into biological questions ranging from toxicological effects in target cell populations to environmental sciences to bio-monitoring for diagnostic or screening purposes in humans.

Consequently, there are range of ongoing projects into nanotoxicology, effects in amphibian or fish populations, plant biology, screening for diagnostic biomarkers and fundamental cell biology.

The group includes a mix of analytical chemists to biologists to computational experts. These activities are contributing significantly to the emerging field of biospectroscopy, which has applications in a diverse number of fields.

The major advantage of the Centre for Biophotonics is that it combines preparation space and tissue culture for biological experiments in close proximity to novel biophysical imaging technologies. The group collaborates with many groups nationally and world-wide.

This equipment is also used for postgraduate and undergraduate projects.


Contact: Professor Francis Martin

Email: f.martin@lancaster.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)1524 510206