Noble gas laboratory

The Lancaster noble gas laboratory will be the only lab in the UK with magnetic sector instrumentation focused specifically on environmental applications of noble gases.

The laboratory will provide high sensitivity analysis of noble gases (He,Ne,Ar,Kr and Xe) in a range of sample types. Our new multicollector noble gas instrument will be connected to dedicated ultra high vacuum gas extraction systems including a furnace and crushers as well as fluid preparation facilities. This will enable high precision, high sensitivity analysis of solids (rocks), liquids (water, oil) and gases (CO2,CH4).

We also anticipate acquisition of a lower precision single collector MAP-215 which will be dedicated to groundwater dating and other water studies   

This laboratory provides specialist services to University staff, external academic customers and commercial clients in the oil and gas industries. 


  • Isotopx NGX (delivery Feb 2014)
  • MAP-215 (acquisition early 2014)


Contact: Greg Holland 


Phone: +44 (0)1524 594369