Ultraviolet radiation research facilities

Our world-class suite of facilities allow us to study responses to ultraviolet (UV) from the cellular scale through to whole crops. 

Our UV dark room allows precise definition of UV dose and spectrum, for example, to study UV  responses in cultured human cells or micro-organisms. 

Our purpose-built UV growth room and customized growth chambers allow plants to be grown with precise control of UV exposure with high levels of background light and precisely controlled temperature. 

Finally, our array of replicated growing tunnels allow whole crop responses to be studied using commercial and experimental cladding materials with a range of UV transmissions. UV treatments are measured using two double monochromator UV-visible spectroradiometers.  

All these facilities are used in a range of research projects, as well as for undergraduate and Masters projects, and student practical classes.


Contact: Nigel Paul

Email: n.paul@lancaster.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)1524 510208