X-ray CT Scanner

X-ray CT (Computerised Tomography) creates 3D or 2D images of an object through X-ray attenuation.  

The non-invasive technique, widely used in medicine, is now commonly used for investigating and characterising materials in other fields. 

Our system is an Xtek CT 160Xi scanner, which is capable of up to 5 micron resolution and can image objects (with a lower resolution) up to 75 mm diameter and 150 mm in length. 

Our scanner is mainly used for the characterisation of soil and rock samples to help understand the physical structures that control fluid and gas transport processes in these porous media.

As well as being used for Lancaster University research it can be accessed by external researchers and organisations. 


Contact: Professor Andrew Binley

Email: a.binley@lancaster.ac.uk

Telephone: Tel: +44 (0)1524 593927