Invite an Expert from the Lancaster Environment Centre

Here at Lancaster we have experts conducting cutting-edge research in Biology, Geography, Geology, Environmental and Social Science.

These topics are highly relevant to GCSE and A-level courses and are important for understanding modern society and global change.

We would like to share our knowledge with you and your pupils. Why not invite us to join one of your teaching sessions?

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Atmospheric sciences
  • Climate change and weather
  • Ecology and conservation
  • Energy and environmental pollution
  • Geology, glaciation and volcanoes
  • Human geography and world development
  • Rivers, water and flooding
  • Food security
  • Urban environments
  • Variety of life: Genetics to ecosystem

We can give talks or demonstrations of our work to enhance your pupils' learning experience. We are happy to visit you in the field or in the classroom, as part of your lesson or for school science club activities.

For more information please contact us at