Sustainability Group

The Lancaster Environment Centre Sustainability Group is a diverse team of researchers and non-academic staff who are working together to enhance the environmental sustainability of the department and its community of staff, students and partners.

The group was established to:

  • Help enable Lancaster Environment centre as an institution and community to put sustainability into action
  • Engage with the wider University on sustainability
  • Act as a forum and platform for debate on sustainability issues

There are six main areas within its scope:

  • Capital investment and infrastructure projects 
  • Energy use and consumption
  • Catering
  • Pensions
  • Education 
  • Transport

Projects and Events

'How to be sustainable' launch event held on 22nd November 2017

'No Impact Week' environmental detox - group members took on the challenge of living a low impact lifestyle during autumn 2017

2050 Travel Week: A Sustainability Challenge - 30th April-6th May 2018
We need to cut our carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 if we are to limit global temperature rise to as little as possible above 2°C.
2050 Travel Week is a sustainability experiment that challenges you to try and live within the 2050 carbon budget for travel for one week.
How to take part:
1. Download our 2050 week calculator
2. Calculate your emissions using the calculator to work how much carbon you normally emit – this is your baseline. The calculator also shows you how this compares to the 2050 target.
3. Plan how you could cut your routine carbon emissions during 2050 week.
4. Act! During 2050 week, put your plans into action! Share your experiences with us and find out how others are doing using the #LEC2050Week on Facebook or on Twitter.
5. Discover at the end of 2050 week how much carbon you cut using the downloadable calculator.
6. Share your results with us via the online survey link in the calculator to help us get an idea of typical carbon emissions on campus and to share with us your thoughts on 2050 week and ideas on how we can help Lancaster University support sustainability.

2050 Travel Week is open to anyone who would like to join in. By anonymously sharing your data and experiences, you will be helping us understand our travel emissions as a department, University and community, and find ways to improve sustainability in future.

Steering team

Group meetings are held on the first Monday of every month.
For more information or you would like to get involved contact Dr Jessica Davies.