Sustainability Group

The Lancaster Environment Centre Sustainability Group is a diverse team of researchers and non-academic staff who are working together to enhance the environmental sustainability of the department and its community of staff, students and partners.

The group was established to:

  • Help enable Lancaster Environment centre as an institution and community to put sustainability into action
  • Engage with the wider University on sustainability
  • Act as a forum and platform for debate on sustainability issues

There are six main areas within its scope:

  • Capital investment and infrastructure projects 
  • Energy use and consumption
  • Catering
  • Pensions
  • Education 
  • Transport

Projects and Events

LEC's own Walking Wednesdays 
Join some Lancaster Environment Centre colleagues and friends for a walk home from campus to town. Every Wednesday, leaving from LEC/CEH foyer at 17:30. Anyone welcome – just turn up.
Four reasons to join:
1. Health and wellbeing: an hour walking has been found to cancel out the health risks associated with 8 hours sitting at work, and can help de-stress.
2. Sustainability: walking to town saves the equivalent of ~0.5-1.5kg of CO2 emissions compared to a car or bus journey.
3. Community: meet colleagues from our LEC community and learn more about what others do.
4. Creativity: stuck in a rut? Walking has been shown to boost creativity.

'How to be sustainable' launch event held on 22nd November 2017

'No Impact Week' environmental detox - group members took on the challenge of living a low impact lifestyle during autumn 2017

2050 Travel Week: A Sustainability Challenge - 30th April-6th May 2018
We need to cut our carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 if we are to limit global temperature rise to as little as possible above 2°C.
2050 Travel Week was a open sustainability experiment that challenged participants to try and live within the 2050 carbon budget for travel for one week. Jess Davies discussed the results on a recent blog post and you can see more at #LEC2050week.

Steering team

Group meetings are held on the first Monday of every month.
For more information or you would like to get involved contact Dr Jessica Davies.