The Land Trust

The Land Trust, based in Warrington, are an independent charity that provides cost effective management solutions for open space and green infrastructure, as well as owning and managing over 100 hectares of open space. They transform land which is not suitable for building development into high quality public open spaces such as country parks, wetlands, community woodlands and ecology parks.

The Challenge

The Land Trust is considering developing a proposal for a Social Impact Bond to fund the delivery of health intervention programmes utilising its land as the catalyst.

They needed someone to conduct a literature review of existing research on the health benefits of open spaces and to produce a summary of this key literature to inform The Land Trust of the potential of adjusting company strategy and moving into a new market.

This new way of working would not only safeguard current roles at the company but provide an opportunity to increase work load and income to a significant level to allow additional members of staff to be recruited.

Skills Sought

  • Statistical analysis
  • Primary research
  • Report writing, with an ability to synthesize/summarise information
  • Ability to work independently and to deadlines

The Solution

Sally Malcolm, Natural Sciences, was recruited through the Science and Technology Internship Programme for a four week internship with The Land Trust. Sally completed a literature review of existing research on the health benefits of open spaces, summarised the research in a report which included recommendations for an appropriate strategic decision.


The internship was fully funded by the Unite with Business project, part financed by the European Regional Development Fund, with an estimated value of £3040.


The Land Trust used the report in three ways:

  • As evidence to support discussions around Social Impact Bonds with Clinical Commissioning Groups, and other key audiences
  • To develop further primary research into the subject
  • To clarify and hone their key messages for communications and marketing purposes to influence thinking around this agenda


  • Saved management time
  • Anticipated 5 new jobs and 22 jobs safeguarded
  • Anticipated improvement in business performance leading to a 5-10 % GVA improvement over 3 years

Company Feedback

"We were considering developing a proposal for Social Impact Bonds to fund the delivery of health intervention programmes. We needed someone with statistical skills, who could research independently and write a report on the health benefits of open spaces, to help us make an informed decision on whether to adjust our strategy and move into a new market.

"The internship scheme worked really well for us. Sally produced a first class piece of work, which was very well presented. Her report was clear and concise and we used it in many ways, for example as evidence to support discussions around Social Impact Bonds with clinical commissioning groups, and to improve our marketing communications. She has been a delight to have in the office."

Euan Hall, Chief Executive, The Land Restoration Trust Services Ltd

Intern Feedback

"My internship with The Land Trust was a fantastic experience which enabled me to see how a company and registered charity works. I was privileged to work with a wonderful, supportive team who allowed me to complete a large research project for their own future work and goals.

"I have seen how challenging it is to gain experience in these business sectors and I could not thank the internship programme and The Land Trust enough for the opportunity and the insight I gained. I completed the internship during the summer break, while studying for my masters. I can now include the project in my own portfolio of work and would recommend the programme to anyone interested in gaining some practical experience."

Sally Malcolm, Natural Sciences