Geography student helps French company progress weather app

Wezzoo banner

The Organisation

Wezzoo is a French company based in Paris which has developed a real time weather app covering Europe and the United States. Data is obtained from a mixture of reports by individuals, feeds from weather monitoring stations, weather reports and the analysis of social media such at twitter. Weather information is displayed graphically for an hour and then stored.

The Challenge

The app provides real-time weather observations based on crowdsourced data and as such is reliant on strong user uptake. Wezzoo looked to gather a greater understanding of its clientele through market research to understand their archetypal user.

Skills Sought

  • GIS analysis
  • Statistics analysis
  • Experience conducting interviews

The Solution

Leyla Page, a BA Geography student, was recruited through the LEC 301 Industry Dissertation Project to conduct market research into Wezzoo’s typical users. Leyla used a multi-disciplinary approach using GIS-analysis, statistical cross-examination and qualitative interview data to determine user’s location, age range and gender as well as their feedback on the app itself.


LEC301 Industry Dissertation Projects are free for businesses, but businesses are expected to cover any out of pocket expenses for the student.


The conclusions from Leyla’s project provided useful data for Wezzoo to determine the market they were currently appealing to, as well as those they were not. It enabled the company to think about new features which would be of benefit to their current clients and also served as a useful feedback forum on what Wezzoo offers. With the company’s increasing global mission the integration with GIS meant they can assess the geographic as well as demographic markets where there is potential for growth.

Benefits to the company

  • Wezzoo now has a detailed understanding of their current market
  • GIS integration aids the company’s global expansion mission
  • User feedback on how to expand the products services to provide a unique app tailored to the wants of the user

Benefits to the university

  • Provided Leyla with experience working for an international company within an emerging sector

Benefits to society

  • Furthers the creation of a novel, interactive, mobile weather app

Student Feedback

"I helped the business in its global expansion mission by identifying their clientele. Using my report’s findings, the company can now not only grow their markets both numerically and spatially, but can also expand their product’s repertoire of service to provide a unique app with real competitive edge. The project allowed me to gain real experience and gave me the opportunity to use a range of competences, including GIS, statistical analysis, qualitative methods, and language skills."

Company Feedback

"Leyla’s research gave us an opportunity to have an external view to our activities. External since she had a background no one in our team was getting. Also the fact that she could give a point of view and analysis from a British-based side was very helpful for an international service like ours. Finally she was very autonomous in her way of handling the Case Study, something we value a lot in a start-up like ours." Clément Guillot, CEO & Co-founder of Wezzoo.