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We deliver a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are concerned with the physical and biotic environment of the world around us, and the implications of changes to that environment for society. Our research explores changes in the environment and aims to develop and deliver solutions to global environmental issues.

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Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) is one of the largest departments in Lancaster University and has staff and students from around the world. We are a leading international environment centre and deliver a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

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Brazilian students play an important role in the social and cultural life at Lancaster University. We have active research links with leading universities in Brazil including the Federal University of Lavras where Lancaster and Lavras jointly teach PhD courses in Biodiversity.

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Researchers in LEC conduct both fundamental and applied environmental research. A driving aim is to assemble cross-disciplinary research teams to address 21st century environmental challenges, especially those related to environmental change, sustainable (water, energy) resource and chemical management, biodiversity and ecosystem function, and sustainable agriculture.

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I've come to Lancaster because here I could find at LEC some leading tropical ecologists, like Dr Jos Barlow, who has been working in the Brazilian Amazon for more than 10 years.

Erika Berenguer, PhD Biological Science