Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Every day at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, some 360 scientists and 120 postgraduate students are engaged in world-class, innovative, independent and interdisciplinary research into terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems and their interaction with the atmosphere.

You can find them at one of our four national research stations in Lancaster, Wallingford, Edinburgh and Bangor, or at one of our extraordinary network of 180 field sites and monitoring platforms. We also work with our overseas partners across Europe and in various countries in Africa, as well as in China and India.

All of our staff share one mission: to provide the evidence and data necessary to make sure that decisions and innovations by policy-makers and businesses will contribute to sustainable development and an improvement in society’s environmental legacy.

We also go several steps further. We do not merely look to provide the evidence; we seek to engage with those who will apply it so that our work has as powerful an impact as possible. That means facilitating academic, public, private and voluntary partnerships and working at the nexus of these communities – we welcome any application of our research that seeks to address today’s environmental challenges.

Our emphasis on the power of research and our belief in a practical multi-spectrum approach to its application is something we share with Lancaster Environment Centre and Rothamsted Research. We see the establishment of the Graduate School for the Environment as a natural extension of this shared vision. Together we have the power to produce the next generation of researchers, scientists, policy-makers and innovators.