Built-in career opportunities

As a student at the Graduate School for the Environment, you will be part of a community and wider network that includes a host of potential employers.

The Graduate School is a great place to ready yourself for a career in the environmental sector – whether for a utility company or a non-governmental organisation, a research institute or a commercial enterprise, an environmental consultancy or a government department.

One reason for this is that all of these types of potential employers are involved in the life of the Graduate School. Some have offices at Lancaster Environment Centre; some play a teaching role as part of specific modules; some arrange work placements; some collaborate with us on research projects; some train their own staff here.

Every one of these connections represents a chance for you to make an impression during your studies – and a link that you might be able to take advantage of after you secure your qualification.

It’s something that we have deliberately built in to the everyday culture of the Graduate School. We have a dedicated Enterprise and Business Partnerships team whose job it is to foster these outside links. Thanks to their work, you can now benefit from established connections with over 2,000 different organisations around the UK, as well as an international network of agents, research collaborators and alumni.

That’s over 2,000 potential employers and an array of possible international contacts – all of whom know the value of what the Graduate School offers, and all of whom know the qualities that you are likely to possess as one of our students.